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Your January Jumpstart Workout Plan!

We are officially in 2014, some of us wonder where time went, and others are excited to start the New Year and a new chapter of their lives. If you have been thinking about starting a weight loss program, or, are interested in getting a workout schedule, we have the perfect thing for you! Losing weight and getting in shape are often the most common New Year’s goals. We all want to drop those holiday pounds and commit to working out more regularly, and this year, we say go for it!


We have a seven-day workout plan for you to help jumpstart the commitment, and help start to build a workout schedule you will be able to commit to. This will take some commitment at first, we recommend a friend or coworker to help you stay accountable and keep each other motivated.


How it works


  • Search online (YouTube) is a great start, and find a workout video to follow along to, try and find one 10 minutes or longer. This is a great way to get started because you can literally start your program right in your home.


  • Do five 30-minute cardio sessions per week. The only way you will burn fat is to get your heart rate (safely) up. Whether you are a beginner and choose to power walk, or are more advanced and jog, it is important that you are challenging yourself. 30-minutes really isn’t that long either; think of it as an episode of ‘Friends’!


  • Follow this plan for 4 weeks. We told you this was simple. All you have to commit to is one online workout video (10 minutes or longer) per day as well as 30-minutes of cardio. Once you start doing this, you’re going to wonder why you never started sooner!


A great way to keep track is by creating a calendar and writing in your workouts each day at an appointed time. We schedule meetings, haircuts, and doctors appointments, so why not schedule getting in shape? We hope you enjoy your new fit body, and remember, consistency and commitment is key!



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