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Renee Hinojosa, injector at Age Management Institute, uses Kybella to help reduce the appearance of submental fullness by destroying the fat cells found under the chin and reducing the appearance of the stubborn “double chin.”


Kybella® uses the active ingredient, Synthetic Deoxycholic Acid, to break down the stubborn fat cells under the chin. Deoxycholic acid is naturally found in the body and aids in the breakdown and the body’s natural absorption of fat cells. Using a fine needle, Renee will inject the area of concern, the process taking about 15 to 20 minutes. Once the fat cells are injected with Kybella®, the cells are destroyed and can no longer store or accumulate fat in the treated area. Renee Hinojosa will help patients achieve a more sculpted and defined chin and neck area.


At your consultation, Renee Hinojosa, Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist at the Age Management Institute in Reno, will determine if Kybella® is the proper treatment for you. You will learn upon consultation how Kyeblla® works, discuss how many treatments are recommended, what results you can expect to achieve, and the recovery process. Since everyone’s chin profile is different, the recommended amount of syringes and the number of treatments may vary. After preparing the treatment area by cleansing and applying numbing cream, Renee will inject the Kybella® into the submental area of the face to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. Treatment typically takes less than an hour, and after treatment, patients can expect to see swelling of the treated area but will see a reduction after several days. Patients may ice the treated area for faster healing. Fall and winter are great seasons to have this treatment since wearing a turtleneck or scarf can help disguise any swelling produced by the treatment.


Patients at Age Management Institute can start to see results after 2 to 4 treatments of Kybella with Renee Hinojosa.