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Skincare at the Gym

Skincare is a 24-hour job and it doesn’t quit once you hit the gym. Normally people aren’t thinking about their skin while they watch the calorie counter on the treadmill, but skincare at the gym is just as crucial as your cardio workout. Here are some simple things you can do to keep your skin just as healthy as your body.

  1. Wash up before you sweat. It may seem silly to wash your face before you workout, but it’s important to remove your makeup you start sweating. It’s likely that while you’re sweating you’re wiping away perspiration with your hands or a towel. If you’re doing that while still wearing your makeup, you could be clogging your pores with makeup, gym grime from your hands, dead skin and sweat. If you don’t have time to wash up before the gym, try makeup removing cloths!
  2. Be good to your hair. After a sweaty workout it’s important to not only cleanse your face but also your hair, especially if you wear a lot of product. When product and sweat combine they make a greasy mess. Take time to shampoo your hair promptly after your workout.
  3. Calm your skin down with a face mist. Periodically, after each workout take a chance to mist your face with some water. This will help keep your skin cool and also wash away some of your sweat. If you overdo the mist, pat your face dry, don’t rub! This can irritate skin, particularly if your face gets really red when you workout.
  4. Wash up after you sweat.  Wash your face before you leave the gym. You should never break this skin-care rule. You don’t want a cocktail of dirt, oil, sweat and dead skin clinging to your skin. No sink is no excuse! Bring cleansing facial wipes with you and give your face a much needed wipe down.
  5. Save serious treatment products for bedtime. Even normal skin can be more sensitive right after a workout. You may want to wait until redness dissipates or bedtime to use your super-active acne or anti-aging treatment products.
  6. Don’t overdo the shower. You’re sweaty, smelly, and tired (and you should be!) but that doesn’t mean you need an hour long, hot shower. Too much hot water will strip your skin of its essential oils and leave your skin dry and sensitive. Also, when you’ve finished washing up, don’t dry your skin completely! Get it 90 percent of the way there, then let it air-dry. This will help you skin stay moisturized.


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