Renee’s Summer Essentials!

We asked our skincare expert, Renee Hinojosa what she recommends for us summer-goers to protect our skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.  Here are some of her top summer essentials!

  1. A wide brimmed hat. In addition to SPF, this is the best protection for your face when out in the sun.
  2. A beach cover up: If you aren’t swimming, try to find a lightweight beach cover-up to protect your skin from unwanted UV rays.
  3. After-Sun Gel, apply after a day in the sun to help with healing and protection
  4. A GOOD SPF, I love the Daily Physical Defense Sunscreen from SkinMedica. You should wear this everyday and re-apply often.
  5. Sunglasses! Not only to they protect your eyes, but the skin around the areas of your eyes is very sensitive, which is why added shade helps protect it!
  6. A cute water bottle makes hydrating THAT much easier!


Stay cool, stay safe and stay protected! For additional questions about skincare, feel free to call Renee at the Age Management Institute (775) 787-8300.

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