Renee’s Skin Tips: How to prepare your skin for springtime.

The sun is slowly starting to creep before we know it. Your skin needs your help to get protected this upcoming spring. And, as always, the earlier you start prepping, the better. Here are a few things to keep in mind to be sure your skin is spring Ready!

Scrub your face to bring back your glow. Exfoliating is perfect for this step. Exfoliating once a week is a great start to get this regime going.

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. Clean your face twice a day. Do it first thing in the morning and right before you go to bed. Studies show that leaving makeup on before you go to bed can literally add years to your face. No one wants that!

After you cleanse, it’s important to tone that complexion up! What the toner does is restore the acid that your face is lacking after you cleanse it.

Next up, moisturize! This is key. Even if you have oily skin, your skin needs to keep itself moisturized or else it will get dehydrated and gloomy-looking. Keep up the moisturizer so your face can glow.

After moisturizing, use sunscreen and lots of it. The sun likes to creep up before we even realize it and our skin can take a toll from it. It can even be hiding in the clouds, but that doesn’t matter. Sunscreen is essential for protecting your skin from wrinkles and age spots. So use it daily! If your moisturizer has spf in it too, great! This doesn’t mean you can skip out on the sunscreen, however.

In addition to these basic steps there are several other products to consider for healthy skin:

Vitamin C – provides antioxidant protection and improves the tone/texture of the skin

Growth Factors – which are proteins that help maintain healthy skin structure

Retinoids (Vitamin A) – used at night time only to enhance skin texture through exfoliation

Stay hydrated. Not only does your skin need to stay hydrated, but so does your body. Keep a water bottle with you constantly and drink water throughout the whole day to ensure you are constantly hydrated.

Eat lots of produce. Fruits and veggies are essential ingredients for excellent health. This will shine through to your skin. Carrots, spinach, avocados, and berries are perfect to stock up on!

Rest up, beauty! Get that beauty sleep! This is huge. 7-8 hours of sleep a night will rejuvenate your skin.

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