Product of the Month: LIPSMART

We’re excited to begin a new tradition this year at AMI, introducing Renee’s Product of the Month! Each month, our skincare expert, Renee Hinojosa, will select her current favorite that she thinks you will love too!

This month, Renee is excited to introduce you to LIPSMART– a powerful moisture-restoring lip product perfect for hydrating dry winter lips!

LIPSMART delivers intense moisture to heal and nourish dry, cracked and deflated lips. Using their very own Hydrating Technology, LIPSMART draws in the natural, water-attracting components to boost hydration and retain moisture in your lips. Its proprietary formula delivers five powerful and effective ingredients, using the highest quality of humectants and lipids to keep your lips hydrated for longer periods. LIPSMART seals in the moisture it delivers, preventing water molecules from evaporating.

With consistent use of LIPSMART, your lips will feel healthier and firmer leaving you with youthful and full lips. LISPMART can alleviate dryness, cracking, deflation and fine lines in and around the lips, while also working to boost collagen, form a protective barrier around lips, and capture and retain moisture to maintain hydration all winter long!


Through the month of January, you can get 10% off this amazing product! It’s time to get smart about your lips, with LIPSMART! Call us at (775) 787-8300 or visit our office at 9393 Gateway Drive in Reno to learn more!