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Juvederm, What Do I Need To Kow?

Cosmetic fix’s are not some big secret women have anymore- women are now more willing to share about their treatments, as well as not be ashamed of them. What was once a taboo subject is now becoming a regular discourse aging women have with their health care providers. Aging doesn’t have to be something you suffer through and endure, with medical advances, women now have the option to age gracefully without surgical enhancement. Many injectables and fillers tend to even have a more natural appearance than surgery, making them the perfect choice for those who want a subtle change.


Today, with all the products on the market, it is important to know which do what. Juvederm is a familiar term with most people; however, most just assume it is Botox, which is wrong. Juvederm is an injectable filler used by cosmetic professionals, dermatology specialists, and plastic surgeons to soften deep folds and reduce wrinkles in the faces of patients. The substance is largely hyaluronic acid, a substance normally found in the skin, muscles, and tendons of mammals. Approved in June of 2006 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Juvederm’s prime use is removing smile lines. It is also used in lip augmentations, to fill in hollow places in the face, or in scars on the face. However, all hyaluronic acid products are eventually absorbed by the body, without causing any harm, and usually within 6 to 9 months, you will need to have repeat injections to maintain your look.


The main difference between Botox and Juvederm is that Botox is often used to remove fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead, in-between the eyebrows, and in the “crows feet” region around the eyes. Botox is perfect for lifting fine wrinkles, giving the skin a smooth and wrinkle free appearance. Juvederm however, is often used to fill deeper lines, as more of a plumping agent. It is not meant for fine lines, where it is most effective, is in deeper wrinkles around the mouth and jowl area. Another benefit of Juvederm is its ability to give a very natural plum look to lips when injected, much more natural than a surgical implant.


Juvederm is a completely safe product to use and can provide drastic results, if you are interested in learning more about Juvederm or scheduling a consultation, you can call our resident expert, Renee J. Hinojosa, MSN, RN, Certified Plastic Surgery Nurse and Director of Medical Aesthetics at (775) 787-8300.

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