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Join our FREE March Madness Pool and Win Big!

Join our NCAA March Madness Bracket! 

We are so thrilled to be starting our very own Age Management Institute NCAA March Madness Pick-Em Pool! The pool is being hosted on a website called tournamentpools.com and our private Pick The Bracket Pool is called AGE MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE RENO. It’s totally free to join and the top four winners will also receive some awesome prizes…and bragging rights!

Prizes Include:
1st Place:
DEXA Scan body composition and bone density test ($300 value)

2nd Place:
Three private training sessions/2 week South RAC membership ($180 value)

3rd Place:
AMI vitamin package- includes multivitamins, fish oil and D3 ($110 value)

4th Place:
A two-month South RAC membership ($98 value)

Click on the link below and you will be guided through the process for joining this pool, including registering on the website if you haven’t registered before.  The process is super simple.

Click here to join my pool:

If you have any questions about the pool rules or format, please write me back.  If you have any technical problems joining my pool, please let me know or contact the website.  If the above link doesn’t work and you need the Pool ID# and Pool Entry Code (a.k.a Pool Password), they are shown below:
Pool ID#:  26039
Pool Entry Code:  xmd499

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