How to get Younger and Healthier Nails

Protect your fingers and toes from the side effects of aging.


Aging affects all parts of your body, including your finger nails and toe nails. Many women feel that there’s nothing they can do about the yellowing, ridges and brittleness of their nails. Such damage to our finger nails is caused by a gradual decrease in circulation and years of using dark polish that stains nails. Luckily, we’ve found some tips that will help you keep your nail looking young.


What the Doc says:

Exercise. Turns out, exercise not only builds muscle but also increases blood flow to your hands and feet. This will help you build stringer, healthier nails.

Biotin. Brittleness in finger nails can be improved by taking a biotin supplement. The recommended dose to treat deficiency for adults varies from 3,000 mcg per day for brittle fingernails.

Good Shoes. Toenails often become thick because of shoes that are either too tight or high-heeled. To prevent thickness, make sure your footwear fits properly and save heels for special occasions


The Manicurist’s Trick:

Buff your nails correctly. Remove ridges and minimize yellowing by buffing in an up-and-down motion, never side-to-side.

Prevent stains. Using nude or light pink colored polish will not stain your nails. If you really want to use darker colors, use a base coat before wearing darker hues.


The Home Remedy:

Scrub. To improve the look of your nails, massage them with a mix of sugar, olive oil and lemon juice. Combine a teaspoon of each in a small bowl and rub it into your nails and cuticles in a circular motion for 5 to 10 minutes. Using a scrub like this will improve circulation and prevent yellowing.