hCG Diet Phases Explained

When you go on the HCG diet, it is important to know that in addition to the HCG shots, you will be adhering to a four-phase diet as well. The conjunction of healthy eating and shots is what optimizes your weight loss. Here are the four-phases broken down for you.


Phase 1:

This phase is preparing you for the diet. This is a very important phase, which is important not to skip. This phase includes doing your measurements and work on detoxing your body to prepare for the diet. Try and eat as clean as possible to optimize you final results.


Phase 2:

When you start taking the hCG drops, the first three days of the phase 2 you will be eating a high fat diet. This is important because you will start building your fat reserves while the hCG is starting to build in your system. On Day 4 you will begin your 500 calories per day meal plan. Your doctor will discuss what combinations of food you should be eating- there are also recipes you can find online that are within the hCG phase 2 rules.


Phase 3:

This is definitely one of the most important phases of the diet. The goal here is to learn maintenance. This is important because it helps you build healthy eating habits that you should carry out after you complete the program. You are not trying to loose or gain during this 3-week period. The goal is to reset your hypothalamus to this new weight so your body will remember it and keep you from gaining back the weight in the future. Your goal is to not let your weight go above or below 2 lbs. You are on a 1500-calorie per day diet, including fats, with no starches or sugars. After you have reached stabilization, you are slowly allowed to start slowly introducing foods back into your diet. It is critical that you weigh yourself daily to see how your body responds to the foods, if you notice a gain, avoid that food.  Once you have reached your goal weight, it is time to move on to phase 4 (injection periods vary and will be determined by your doctor, who will then outline specific week plans for the phases).


Phase 4:

Once you achieve your goal weight you are ready for phase 4! Phase 4 is the “forever” phase- meaning; you don’t want to ever return to your weight prior to starting hCG. Phase 4 is actually easy once you have stabilized correctly. If you have an off day, the weight comes off easily because you body has been trained over the past three phases. In phase 4 you are also allowed to add in limited sugars and starches, they are meant to be enjoyed as treats and not as regular stables of your diet. The most important way to keep your results is to eat according to the plan, and monitor your weight regularly.


Now you have information about the phases of hCG! Your doctor will explain everything in-depth and will also be available throughout the program for any questions or concerns you have.