Foods That Can Fix Your Health

We all know eating healthy now only benefits our weight, but our overall mental state, our attitude, and often how we feel about ourselves. We have found some foods that do more than just make you look good, enjoy!

Food Fix #1: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.


This may seem like an obvious answer, but eating fruits and vegetables benefits you more than you’ll know. When you’re feeling puffy, you may not want to eat watery produce, but consuming foods like melon, cucumber and celery is an excellent way to flush out your system and get rid of bloating. We need sodium to survive, but when your body stores excess amounts, it can leave you feeling tired and not up to your normal self.


Food Fix #2: Load up on enzymes.


Bloating can also be a sign that your intestines are out of whack. If you experience irregular bloating after eating regularly, try eating papaya after your meal. Eating at least 1 cup several times a week helps to rejuvenate your gastrointestinal system. Papayas naturally have a digestive enzyme that breaks down protein and will aid your stomach in breaking down food faster, helping bloating to cease.


Food Fix #3: Say YES to breakfast.


Skipping breakfast is the worst thing you can do for yourself. By skipping breakfast, it has been proven that you will be more lethargic during the day, your metabolism runs slower, and you are often more irritable. Eating a healthy breakfast within an hour or two of waking up helps maintain an even mood throughout the day as well as jump-start your metabolism.


Food Fix #4: Stock up on your selenium.


The lesser known trace mineral, selenium—found in Brazil nut, tuna, eggs and turkey, helps keep you on an even keel, especially women. It has been noted that women whose diets are lacking in selenium were prone to experience more depression than others. You can get your daily allowance from a 3-ounce can of tuna!


Food Fix #5: Eat your onions.


Batting breakouts? The antioxidants in onions and other sulfur-rich veggies tamp down the inflammation that lead to acne. It produces a detoxifying molecule called glutathione, which in a 2011 study was found to lower breakouts in acne prone skin. The antioxidants are most potent when eaten raw or in lightly cooked foods.


We hope these tips help you choose wisely when you go to eat! Remember, your food affects the rest of your body, so be wise with what you choose to put in it!