Breathe, Sip, Relax… Three tips to De-stress

Life can get a little hectic, and stressful situations seem like they always have the worst timing. Stress comes along with aging. Aging comes along with stress. It happens to all of us, but it’s important to consider that stress can affect the aging process as well as overall health.

Keeping stress to a minimum will reduce the aging process and will help you age gracefully. Here are three tips to keep calm.

Yoga, walking, and other slow paced exercise will do you some good. Not only will it help your health, but it will slow down your hectic lifestyle to give you time to take a deep breath and wind down. This gives your mind a mental break, while releasing endorphins. These endorphins get released from your body and will leave you feeling happy and having a positive outlook on life. Not only will it give you health benefits, but it will help boost your self-esteem and improve sleep.

Drinking tea is another great stress reliever. Some good options are: black tea, green tea, and oolong tea. Theanine is a substance found in most teas that reduce anxiety and calms the nerves. Hate tea? Bath in it. Bathing in tea kills two birds with one stone. Green tea has many antioxidants that will release negative chemicals from your body, has a rich aroma, and is a natural remedy for aches and back pains.

Pamper yourself. Go in for a massage and facial. Take it all in. This is a guaranteed way to release some stress. This will release tensions physically, and give your mind some time to relax as well. This will instantly leave stress from your body and mind, letting you leave with a stress free mindset.

So remember, take a deep breath, keep calm, drink some tea, and relax.