Botox Myths and Most Asked Questions

At AMI, we get a lot of questions about Botox and what actually happens when injected into the body during a procedure.  To many, Botox is a scary word with many myths and misconceptions surrounding its toxicity, danger to the body, and overall effects.

Simply, Botox is a neurotoxin used to block nerve transmission in nearby muscles surrounding the area you are hoping will look flawlessly smooth shortly after your procedure.  When the Botox is injected into the desired muscle, nerves are blocked and the muscle freezes, keeping it from performing any movement your brain might tell it to do.  While Botox is typically used to rid of existing wrinkles, it can also prevent new wrinkles from occurring due to the muscle freezing.  While most popularly being used as a cosmetic treatment, Botox has also been used to help with chronic migraines and is just touching the surface of its helpful effects.

We read this SELF article and think it could clear up a lot of questions you might have; take a look!

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