Hear what some of our previous and current patients have to say about the Age Management Institute!

I originally became patient at Age Management Institute for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. I spent a great deal of time speaking with Dr. Gunderson about the program and about nutrition & exercise. It’s been a year since then and I am now 80 pounds lighter and I feel great! My exercise routine started with slow-paced walking – now I can run a 5K in about 40 minutes! I really respect & appreciate all the time that Dr. Gunderson & his staff have spent with me to help get me to this point.

I started the Age Management Program with Dr. Gunderson about a year ago. When I walked in the door, I was feeling as if I was only a part of myself. I was tired, lethargic, depressed and not sleeping well. That person is now GONE! I’m energetic, in a great mood and I feel fantastic! Thanks, Dr. G!

I became a patient with Age Management Institute in July 2009. I had all the symptoms of declining hormones, my biggest complaint being that I couldn’t sleep. I noticed the effects of the program the very first day! That first night, I slept better than I had in years & haven’t had a problem since! I am 47 but now have more energy than I did when I was 25! Thank you, Dr. Gunderson & Age Management Institute staff!

I am a bounty hunter & on call 24/7 and was skeptical about this diet, but I have never had more energy or better results than this in such a short time. I can see my abs for the first time in 10 years! It works; stay committed! IT IS A NEW LIFESTYLE.

I actually became a patient with Age Management Institute because I happened to accompany my fiance on her first AMI appointment. I was so impressed with Dr, Gunderson, the programs & his staff that I jumped on board myself!

After heart surgery, my husband became lethargic, unaffectionate, not just uninterested in me, he just wasn’t interested in anything. I felt as though he was dying before my eyes. Then we went to see Dr. Gunderson & we both started the Age Management Program. All the drugs that my husband had been taking for his heart condition had lowered his testosterone. Now with Dr. Gunderson’s Age Management Program, he is a different person & I feel great too! My husband has developed more muscle tone, he’s more affectionate and his libido has returned. He went on Dr. Gunderson’s Accelerated Weight Loss Program and has lost 28 pounds which has normalized his blood pressure. WE both thank Dr. Gunderson & his staff for helping us SO much!!


I have gone through the AMI Accelerated Weight Loss Program to lose the last 10 pounds, as it’s the hardest weight to lose. To my great surprise, I lost 11 pounds in the places that I wanted t lose it in just 3 weeks with no working out! I am thrilled with my results! Thank you, Age Management Institute!


I have recently gone though the Accelerated Weight Loss Program and lost 20 pounds that I really needed to lose in just three weeks! I am very satisfied with the results!

I heard about Dr. Gunderson through a co- worker. I felt good, but I always think that there could be room for improvement so I went to see him. Within two months after being on Dr. G’s program, I started not feeling good but feeling GREAT! I had higher energy levels, better workouts & clearer thinking and it kept getting better & better. As luck would have it, I got into a car accident and due to recovery time, I gained about 15 pounds. I went on Dr.G’s Accelerated Weight Loss Program & lost it! In fact, I lost 12 pounds the first 7 days! This is a lifestyle – the longer you participate, the better you feel. I always recommend Dr. G to my friends, family and co-workers, and will continue to do so. He’s the best!


Renee was/is helpful to me a a coach by providing me the knowledge and tools to get healthy and STAY healthy. She is always a phone call away to answer questions, provide guidance and encouragement. She is very educated on overall wellness. Renee directed me to Keto way of living.
I love working with Renee because she is dedicated to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. She is so passionate and driven to help you be the best you can be. I know because she has helped me feel so much better over the last six months. The knowledge and life skills she has given me has turned my life around to feeling better, looking better and loving “ME” again.
When I first met Renee, I knew right away she was the coach for me. Her energy and passion is very apparent from our first meeting. She has given me lifetime tools and knowledge that are not a “temporary”, but to help me maintain a lifetime of health, fitness, and overall well being. She has changed my life, my thoughts and most importantly, my health!!

-Heather T.