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6 SIMPLE Secrets to Smooth Skin

We’ve rounded up 6 extremely simple steps to smoother, more vibrant skin. So easy in fact, you can try all of them today!


  • Wear SPF. A given nowadays. Make sure you are wearing at least factor 30 daily to prevent sunspots, aging, and skin cancer.


  • Moisturize. Dry skin shows wrinkles easier. Always moisturize, day and night.


  • Sleep clean. Always wash your face before bed. Sleeping in your makeup is horrible for your skin. Plus, it makes your pillow dirty.


  • Wear sunglasses. Not only do they protect your eyes from UVA/UBB rays, they are also cute, and protect the wrinkle prone areas around your eyes.


  • Take vitamins. A multivitamin will help your body overall, which in turn helps Hydration is KEY for everyone, and has been known to help with the appearance of skin.


  • Smile! It has been proven the happier you are the younger looking you appear. Stress can manifest itself on your face as well as your body.







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