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5 Key Hormones With Major Influence

As we’ve emphasized in the past, hormones play a huge role in our overall health, wellbeing an happiness. This articled from outlines why these top five hormones are important to know and check as you age. Full article here You might not be able to see your hormones, but they play a constant role in how our bodies function; they’re the chemical messengers that travel, via our bloodstream, to every organ and tissue in the body. They influence fat storage, sex ...


AMI Now Offering KYBELLA® Treatment!

Get ready for the holidays and feel more confident with KYBELLA®!  By reducing the appearance of submental (below chin) fullness, KYBELLA® destroys fat cells and once destroyed, cells can no longer store or accumulate fat!  Don’t wait for Fall! The first 4 people to schedule their first treatment before 9/30 will receive $100 off (deposit required)! For more information, and to schedule your first treatment with Renee, call us at (775) 787-8300!


SkinMedica Products We Love: AHA/BHA Cream

As an exclusive provider of SkinMedica products, we absolutely adore this AHA/BHA Cream. It exfoliates and improves tone and texture of the skin, revealing a brighter complexion! The Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) combined with Beta-Hydroxy Acid (BHA) create a profound exfoliation that removes dead skin cells efficiently as well as assist fresh, young cells to the surface of the skin. Added vitamins and antioxidants nourish and protect the ...


Botox Myths and Most Asked Questions

At AMI, we get a lot of questions about Botox and what actually happens when injected into the body during a procedure.  To many, Botox is a scary word with many myths and misconceptions surrounding its toxicity, danger to the body, and overall effects. Simply, Botox is a neurotoxin used to block nerve transmission in nearby muscles surrounding the area you are hoping will look flawlessly smooth shortly after your procedure.  When the Botox is injected into the desired muscle, nerves ...