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Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season! 


Healthy Holiday Tips

Tis the season for indulging with friends and family, but that doesn't mean your health goals need to be completely abandoned! Here's a few quick tips to keep your holiday health in check!   1. Trim back the trimmings. Go all out and deck the halls with boughs of holly, glitter, and lights, but when it comes to holiday food, accessorize with care. To shave calories, go easy when adding nuts, cheese, cream sauces, gravy, butter, and whipped cream -- additions that don't ...


Combating Holiday Induced Stress

While holidays often bring families and friends together to celebrate and reconnect, they can also present an array of stressful situations and demands. From balancing a budget for gifts and hosting guests for extended periods of time, to cleaning, cooking and entertaining, holiday months can lead to unwarranted stress, which can lead to a compromised health state.   “In times of stress, adrenaline kicks into gear causing the adrenal glands to produce cortisol, which is the “fight or flight” ...