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A High Sugar Diet can Increase the Effects of Aging

It is our goal at the Age Management Institute to aid you in whatever way possible in combating the aging process. We offer many options and consultations for clients, but we are also concerned about your daily life. It is in your day to day activities that you can take steps toward looking the way you feel. A condition many people are unaware of is Glycation, which refers to when sugars mix with proteins and fats to form molecules that promote ...


BOTOX: What’s Myth and What’s Fact

Some people may feel hesitant about BOTOX treatments for their skin. There are many rumors about the effects of BOTOX, but we’re here to tell you the truth about this specific skin care treatment. BOTOX injections are safe and effective when performed by an experienced doctor like the professionals at the Age Management Institute. The reason that rumors about BOTOX exist are because botulinum toxins (there are several -- the main types are A through F) attach themselves to nerve endings. By ...