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For many undergoing the Age Management Institute weight loss program,  it might take a little adjustment getting used to the modified diet portion. Luckily, indulgence is still possible with this easy and delicious Phase 2 recipe! Frozen “Chocolate” Strawberries: Cut 1 quart Strawberries in half and place cut side up on cookie sheet Place 2-3 drops of  Chocolate Raspberry Liquid Stevia on each strawberry Smooth it across the top with finger Stick in ...


For men, the factors that contribute to health threats are talked about often. Each month we will feature a different health threat to not only be aware of, but to learn how to take an active role in preventing. First, the most prevalent… Cardiovascular disease. They call it atherosclerosis, meaning "hardening of the arteries." But it could as easily be from the Latin for "a man's worst enemy." "Heart disease and stroke are the first and second leading causes of death worldwide, in ...


Foods that promote healthy aging!

Who’s hungry for some foods that also promote healthy aging? The following 10 help boost health, longevity and will make you feel younger and more energized!   Healthy Greens In the perennial quest for longevity, there are no miracle cures. But what's on your plate matters more than you think. Here are 10 foods to put in your pantry -- as well as delicious recipes to use them in. They contain folate, calcium, and other nutrients that support bone health, protect against cognitive decline, ...


Are you getting your G.R.A.S.S.?

No, we are not talking about the green stuff! We’re talking G. R. A. S. S. which are the five key elements needed to keeping your skin healthy and more radiant! Curious about what they are?   G: Growth Factors These smooth out our skin’s texture, are critical in skin repair and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. May we suggest: Skin Medica-TNS Recovery Complex or Skin Medica- TNS Essential Serum   R: Retinoids  Retinoids minister the appearance of wrinkles, bolster skin’s thickness and slow the breakdown of ...