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3 Workouts That Can Help Lower Your Diabetes Risk

  It seems like we are constantly inundated with new workouts and tips to stay fit. However, we are finally realizing that staying fit isn’t about just looking good at the beach, it’s actually about staying healthy over the long-run. A new study in PLOS ONE shows that regular strength-training sessions can seriously cut a woman’s rick of developing type 2 diabetes.   Researchers followed 99,316 women (all of whom didn’t have diabetes at the beginning of the study) for eight years and ...


Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

Most men don’t like to hear this, but when it comes to testosterone, they hit their peak at about age 17. Levels plateau for awhile, then slowly start to slide in their 30’s and 40’s. By the time a man reaches 80, his testosterone level will be about half of what it was hen he was a younger. For decades, doctors have used synthetic testosterone to treat a small number of men whose hormone level is unambiguously low. Hypogonadism, as ...


5 Foods Every Healthy Kitchen Needs

Eating well can be challenging. It can be especially hard if you have a kitchen full of foods that aren’t optimal for you. When it comes to eating well, it is important that you set yourself up for success. A kitchen filled with cookies, chips and sodas, for example, won’t help you. The temptations can be hard to pass up in moments of weakness, however, if you do not have those temptations present in your kitchen, you will be able ...