2014 Facial Skincare Trends

Every New Year we hear about the latest and greatest products that will make us look younger, cure wrinkles, fade sunspots, and generally give us the glow we took for granted in our youth. For the upcoming 2014 year, the market research company, Mintel, has determined, based off of 2013, what the new beauty trends look like they are going to be. We are giving you a heads up so you can see for yourself if they are just hype, or, if some of the products really are as great as they claim to be!


According to the market researcher, Mintel, 2014 is not the typical anti-aging products year, but rather emerging products that are multifunctional. The research group also found there has been a significant increase in “natural” products, most likely an overflow from the growing demand of organic and natural products outside the cosmetic industry. It is important to note however, natural products make a very tiny dent in the annual dollars spend in the beauty industry. Consumers are largely driven by science based products and what they offer, and the sales prove it. One interesting thing to note is the multifunction of new products. Gone are the days it seems where the consumer wanted a serum, eye cream, day and night creams, and so on. Now, consumers are forecasted to be drawn towards products that can offer multiple solutions to their skincare needs.


It is also interesting to note, the group found that 37% of consumers say they will only purchase products from brands they trust, meaning, whatever trends come and go, if the brand they are loyal to doesn’t jump on board, it’s likely they won’t either. By and large, cleansing and treating the skin are still the most popular functions looked for in face products, and the number of facial product users wanting to improve the texture of the skin has dramatically increased since 2012 when products really started advertising improving skin texture. So this next year, if you are looking to try something new, talk to your skincare specialist about a product that will improve the texture of your skin, as well as serve another purpose, such as helping fine lines and wrinkles, or fading sun spots. As usual, always do your research and consult a professional!