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3 Health Concerns You’re Too Embarrassed to Bring Up

We found this great article in Men's Health and wanted to share! If you have any similar questions, Dr. Gunderson is prepared to give you the best medical advice possible. Article via   The average doctor’s visit lasts 19 minutes. And in that time—with someone you see about once a year—you’re expected to disclose personal details about your privates? We know it can be embarrassing. But it could save your sex life (or your life, period). Here are three below-the-belt concerns ...


Heart Health and Aging

With February as Heart Month, we wanted to share some key tips on how aging and heart health go hand in hand! While natural changes take place in the heart as a result of aging, the plan for healthy aging and good heart health remain the same. Eating healthy and staying active. Natural changes as the heart ages: Your heart may get smaller. The number of heart muscle cells decreases with age and some degenerate. As a result, your heart may become weaker and ...