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10 Tips For Fall Fitness

Now that Summer has turned into Fall, we find ourselves preparing for the holidays, getting ready for the new year, and planning what New Year’s Eve resolutions we will try and commit to. For most of us, a New Year’s Eve resolution usually involves some kind of, “this is the year I am going to get in shape!” or, “I will start a regular workout schedule this year!” idea, and for most of us, the resolution lasts about a week, a month if we are lucky. We suggest this year, switching it up a bit. Fall is the perfect time to start a fitness program. The weather is mild in the mornings, making it pleasant for an outdoor workout, and, by starting early; you will form good habits entering the holiday season. With a change of seasons, often comes a renewed sense of time and a desire to restart.


If you are a parent, Fall is the perfect time to start a workout schedule, with kids back in school, your day now has a bit more spare time- perfect for scheduling a quick workout. Many people assume starting a workout schedule means going full-force, every day, workouts for 1 hour, however, if you are not a regular gym person, don’t stress yourself out with an intense schedule. Start slow. Try taking walks in your neighborhood in the mornings or evenings. Don’t be a slave to long workouts, start with maybe 20 minutes at first, and then gradually build up. If you are really out of shape, find simple walking paths and make your walk enjoyable, if you don’t like it, you won’t keep doing it. Create a good playlist of songs, and as you increase your strength, increase your workout time and difficulty.


If walking isn’t your thing, that’s okay. Try cycling. Fall is the perfect time to cycle, with cooler weather; it makes it perfect for nice long rides. Find some park trails in some new scenery, not only will you be getting exercise, but you will also be exploring new areas of your town. If you are not a solo workout person, look online and join a local running or cycling groups. Many towns now have these and they are great for meeting new people, creating a positive environment where you can be encouraged to workout, and keep you accountable for showing up. So this Fall, start the New Year’s Eve resolutions early. Find what type of workout fits your schedule and tastes and start now! Not only will your develop a schedule, but you will also reap the benefits of your workouts.



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